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Some recommendations before your trip

  • Remember to confirm the time of your arrival to the country as well as your hotel reservation in case you have one
  • If the flight is longer than 6 hours remember that the surgical procedure will have to be two or three days after
  • Walk 10 minutes each hour during the flight, it may be on the hall or the part of the back of the plane
  • Flex and extend your ankles and knees regularly during the flight; avoid to cross your legs; frequently change you position while sitting.
  • Take liquids constantly to avoid dehydration
  • Travel with comfortable, soft and loose clothing (avoid jeans, belts…)
  • Avoid the agents that promote the stasis (sedatives, hypnotics, alcohol)
  • Reduce smoking and alcohol intake, remember that these can increase the risk of blood clots and delay the healing process.
  • Within the following days to your arrival remember to watch for excessive swelling or pain in the lower limbs.
  • Keep in mind that the time stipulated for the civil aviation to go back to your country is: for surgical procedure on your face at least 5 days and on your body 10 days.
  • Remember to walk from 20 to 30 minutes a day for the next two weeks within the surgery
  • The long hours that a person spends in the plane without movement in the lower extremities, plus the dehydration of the trip as itself and the high risk factors for hypertension may trigger a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
  • Do not take anti-coagulating drugs two weeks before the procedure like: Aspirin, alkazelsert, Asawin, Mejoral, winadol, Dristan, sevedol, ibuprofen, Motrin and others./li>
  • Remember Dr. Nora Beatriz Sánchez is located in the Medical Center Imbanaco Crr 38 # 5 - 100, Tower A 904 office.
  • For more information check on the website
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