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Program for wound care and improvement of scars

The main concern of a patient undergoing surgery are the permanent consequences that this may leave on the skin and that would remind this event every time they found themselves in front of the mirror or during the intimacy, For this reason we have designed a comprehensive program for monitoring surgical wounds of our patients, as well as monitoring the healing process which can be intervened in order to optimize the results.

Besides the immediate care after the surgery, we provide support and advice within the first year, a period that most of the scars take to heal. During this year we accompany and using massages, creams, silicone bands you can achieve excellent scars, and in extreme cases it is necessary to perform procedures such as injections and in a few cases with presence of infiltrations required the use of keloids, resections and others.

For three years we’ve been implementing this program which has further increased the satisfaction of our results and has educated our patients about the care of their wounds and the various resources that we have to improve healing so that they are barely perceptible.

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