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Doctora Nora Sánchez
Plastic surgeon, Aesthetic and Reconstructive


Dr. nora sanchez graduated as medical surgeon at the university of valle in cali Colombia in 1986, general surgeon in 1993, and obtained her degree in plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the university of valle cali, Colombia in the year 2000.

Has experience in university research and teaching for over 12 years at the University of Valle.

Dr. Nora Sánchez is known for being at the vanguard in surgical techniques, scientists and high quality standards in surgery and patient safety, counting with an elite medical team, always in search of the best aesthetic results.

The doctor considers that the main objective of plastic surgery is to improve the life quality of people. From her experience of over more than 10 years, her knowledge and professional development in plastic surgery makes her able to provide advice of her vision of beauty and harmony.


A commitment to guide and advise patients to meet their needs and concerns with standards of quality, safety and responsibility.

such work is framed in the full knowledge of the specialty as Plastic Surgeon, attached to the workof being a counselor of beauty and image consultant to each person who come to her to improve her or his appearance.

Plastic Surgery is therefore a discipline that goes far beyond vanity, because she treats each person from their family, labor, social, emotional and physical environment and is given a real and safe posibility to prevent or change their lives.

Dr. Nora Sanchez is member of:

Address: Carrera 38A # 5A - 100 Office 605 - Tower A
Telephones: (57 2) 558 43 22 / (57 2) 682 10 00 Ext. 11904
Cellphone: (57) 3183599257
Cali - Colombia