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BOTOX ¡The elixir of eternal youth!

Many women, want constantly, to look prettier and younger. This happens, independently of the culture that they belong. Specially due to the wrinkles. Time affects every women. For that reason new feminine beauty procedures have been created, one of them is the Botox™ (Botulinum toxin type A)

Botox ™ is used to achieve that those dynamic wrinkles of the face disappear. This, by means of injection into certain facial muscles. In the background, Botox ™, paralyzes the muscle in question, making the skin stretch again. Therefore, Botox ™, is injected directly into the muscle responsible for the wrinkle which, you cannot contract again.

This is a simple not painful procedure, that takes place in the medical office

To have a Botox ™ procedure it’s safe if you are in good hands, with professionals trained for this type of procedures.

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